Everyday Heroes Awards: Who are Bedford’s top fundraisers?


Nominations for the Bedford Independent Everyday Heroes Awards close next week and we’ve taken a closer look at all categories, so you can see how we’re helping to say ‘thank you’ to those who make Bedford Borough brilliant.

Today we come to the last of our categories that we take a closer look at, our fundraiser of the year.

Our 2021 Everyday Heroes Awards are in partnership with The Harpur Trust and help recognize people who have made a difference to our borough and made Bedford brilliant.

With nominations coming in fast, it’s going to be tough for our judges to choose the finalists, who will all be invited to join us at our awards ceremony hosted by Bedford School at the Quarry Theater in St. Luke’s.

Bedford is well known as one of the most charitable cities in the country, so it seems only fitting that we have categories to celebrate generous Bedfordians.

Fundraiser of the Year (Individual)

Supported by White Hart Press, our Individual Fundraising Award is for someone who has worked hard to raise awareness and funds for their chosen charity.

Whatever the reason they raised funds, and whatever the amount, we want to hear about the creative ways they got support and why it was important for them to support their cause. Individuals will be judged on passion, creativity and commitment to their cause.

Daniel O’Loughlin of White Hart Press said, “White Hart Press is proud to be associated with the Everyday Heroes Awards supporting the Fundraising category.

“Fundraising in Bedford is close to our hearts. We have always admired these inspiring individuals who stand up and take notice, demonstrating good stewardship for the lasting impacts of their fundraising efforts.

“When the Bedford community sees there is fundraising success, they will inevitably jump on board and that’s what we love about our town.

“We wish all nominees the best of luck for this award.”

Fundraiser of the Year (Team)

Of course, individuals aren’t the only ones working hard to support charitable causes. This year we have also created a team award.

We are also looking for a team* that has worked hard to raise awareness and funds for their chosen charity, and they will be judged on the same attributes as individuals.

Our fundraising team award is sponsored by Polam School.

“We are delighted to sponsor the award for Best Team Fundraiser of the Year at the Bedford Independent Everyday Heroes Awards,” said the school’s Sam Pearce.

“There’s a quote that says, ‘Teamwork divides the task and multiplies success’ and when a group of individuals with the same passion and cause come together, incredible things can be achieved.

“Teamwork has been so important over the past two years, and people have come together like never before to help their communities.

“And with organizations losing opportunities to raise funds and earn revenue, the people who have continued to fundraise through tough times should be appreciated more than ever.

As we work at the school to prepare the next generation of local children to be brilliant Bedfordians, as enthusiastic learners and kind human beings, we are proud to shine a light on and recognize current Bedfordians who use their passion, their creativity and their kindness to help others. ”

*Two or more people

You can tell us who deserves to receive the Fundraiser of the Year award, individually or by team, via the form below before March 4, 2022.

Remember that the nomination must relate to activities carried out between January and December 2021.

You can also access the form here, or a downloadable form is available upon request here.

winners 2020

We only had one fundraising prize winter last year, which means the person you nominate will be the first recipient of these prizes above, giving them a chance to feel even more special.

Last year’s winner was Emma Garret, who is well known as the former owner of the gazebo and pavilion in the park.

After battling cancer since 2009, Emma’s beloved husband passed away on December 22, 2018. Coping with grief and staying strong for her five children, Emma also raised amazing funds for St. John’s Hospice Bedford, the Primrose Unit and the Bobby Moore Fund.

She did this through Challenge 51 – a remarkable series of events including jazz performances, sponsored walks, brunch, lunch, rock climbing, running, marathons and Mount Kenya. All this in addition to the 2019 Soupfest for the homeless and the management of its two cafes. “She is extraordinary. She is strong.”

Congratulations: Paul Kellet

You can find out more about the Bedford Independent Everyday Heroes Awards, in partnership with The Harpur Trust, and the other categories open for entries here.

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