Equifax: Delivering Big Benefits to Small Businesses


Over 25 years ago, The job number® was created to help a large multinational solve a problem. But over the past few years, Equifax has been thinking smaller—that is, leveraging technology to make The Work Number and other employer services more easily accessible to small businesses.

“[According to the U.S. Small Business Administration,] 99.9% of all American businesses are small businesses, and we know that our services can help them spend less time on HR and administrative tasks while providing a first-class experience for their employees,” said Joe Muchnick, vice- Senior President of Employer Services and Talent Solutions, Equifax Workforce Solutions.

But how can small businesses, which often have an owner filling the HR function, connect to the services they need?

Partnership for Progress

“There is a large ecosystem of businesses aligned to support small businesses,” said Chris Baradel, alliance manager, Equifax Workforce Solutions. “By connecting to this ecosystem, we’ve expanded The Work Number’s reach to include over 2 million small businesses and tens of millions of small business employees.”

For example, PrismHR is a leading HR software provider whose Professional Employer Organization (PEO) customers provide the HR function to more than 88,000 organizations. Through an application programming interface (API) connection with The Work Number, PrismHR PEO customers can now offer the benefits of The Work Number service to their small business customers. The relationship has been so successful that PrismHR recently named Equifax its Partner of the Year 2021.

“We are now able to offer The Work Number benefits to even the smallest employers, with more every day,” said Garret Reeves, director of alliances, Equifax Workforce Solutions. “It means these small business employees now have access to automated checks to help streamline important life events, like applying for a home loan, car loan or government benefits.”

Digital democratization

While partners play a vital role in connecting small businesses to vital HR services, Equifax also offers an e-commerce option for small business owners who wish to contact them directly.

“E-commerce helps level the playing field between large and small businesses,” said Maria Hayes, vice president of digital strategy, Equifax Workforce Solutions. “While we often think of this democratization in terms of opening up new markets, it can also help small businesses access valuable services.”

For example, with just a few clicks and a credit card, small businesses can start using I-9 management services from Equifax. Many small business owners appreciate how these services provide a more streamlined yet rigorous process to help them keep up with complex and ever-changing regulations from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

“Small businesses can have big needs,” Hayes added. “Whether through our e-commerce portal, through our partnerships, or through direct customer relationships, our team is here to help small businesses solve their work challenges with people-focused, people-powered solutions. data. solutions.”


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