Downing’s Landing winter shutdown begins today – NH Fish and Game Department


Garret Graaskamp: (603) 271-1748
Jay Martin: (603) 271-3211
22 December 2021

Concord, N also prohibited in Downing’s Landing parking lot. Public access to the lake for launching bobhouses, snowmobiles or any other winter recreational purpose will be available at the Town of Alton boat launch on the west side of the bay.

This will help ensure that the investment of boat access funds received through the boat registration fee is not compromised before the completion of the Downing’s Landing project. The closure will also protect the landscaping and new pavement until these features stabilize at final specifications. Additional landscaping, signage, pavement stripping and traffic control infrastructure will be installed in the spring to complete the refurbishment project.

Please check project status and public access updates by visiting the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s Public Boat Access Program webpage at

The New Hampshire State Fish and Game Public Boat Access Program is funded by the boat registration fee, which is combined in matching dollars with federal wildlife and sport fishing restoration funds. to facilitate boat access opportunities in the State. Fish and Game’s Facility and Land Construction division is acquiring land for public water access sites, renovating existing sites and constructing new public access areas for boats.


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