Detroit label announces partnership with Atlantic Records


DETROIT (WXYZ) – Members of Assemble the sound have good reason to celebrate after announcing their partnership with Atlantic Records. On Tuesday, a press release announced the partnership where Atlantic Records will take a unique approach to developing and recruiting new talent.

Assemble Sound 2020 song review

“Our work has always been anchored in the artists’ access to a collaborative creative space. It’s a simple idea, but when you present the right intention and involve the right people, the simplest ideas can be transformative, ”says Assemble co-founder and CEO Garret Koehler. “Our partnership with Atlantic allows us to stay focused on our work knowing that we will have the ability to expand its impact alongside a world-class team with a proven track record in bringing Detroit artists to the world stage.”

“By combining free studio space and artist development resources with an annual residency program for talented artists, songwriters and producers, they have created a fantastic place where collaboration is natural and inspiring. Proof of this is their incredible experience in training brilliant artists who have landed contracts with major labels. We’re incredibly excited to partner with Assemble to launch a new generation of talent from one of the world’s greatest music cities.

President and CEO of Atlantic Craig Kallman and President and COO Julie Greenwald

Many artists have had residencies with Assemble Sound, including Curtis cockroach, Jax Anderson, Hala, and Siena Liggins. A current resident passing Whyandotte tells us, “I knew most of the people who run Assemble for years before I was accepted into the residence. They are all kind and kind people. It’s heartwarming to see the hard work of people like Garret, Seth, Kaylan, Shack and others at Assemble Sound pay off in helping bring the music industry back to Detroit.

Assemble sound recording drums

Good Friends / Shack Shackelford

Assemble Sound was established in 2015 after purchasing a vacant 200-year-old church and refurbishing it into four recording studios. Assemble’s studio residency program grants a new cohort of artists, producers and songwriters unlimited access to their recording facilities. From 2022, Atlantic Records and Assemble Sound will begin signing selected artists to a jointly managed label. Atlantic Records will help bring in resources and expertise as Assemble Sound helps these artists maintain their independence and autonomy as they are in the early stages of their development as a musician.


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