Daniel Garcia and Wheeler Yuta’s post-game promos create intrigue


Daniel Garcia and Wheeler Yuta presented a pro wrestling showcase in the main event slot for dynamite. Garcia won the ROH Pure Championship in the process. Beyond the rivalry between the young guns, there was also the overall feud between Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson urging Garcia to choose between being a sports entertainer or pro wrestling. Garcia and Yuta provided backstage promos after their fight, creating intrigue about their future.

These are important promos to hear, as Garcia and Yuta provide background sentiment to complement the inconsistent storytelling on television. The mix between real life and character building looks a lot more interesting than what’s been shown on screen so far.

Daniel Garcia: I said last week that it’s been a tough few weeks for me. I had a lot on my mind and wanted Buffalo, New York to show me who I am. I don’t know if you heard the reactions. I don’t know if you heard what they were saying, but I think they told me and I think I found out exactly who I am tonight. And when I grabbed that title, I saw the whites of my fingers sticking out of the way I was holding it, how excited I was to win that championship.

Me and Yuta have had a lot of differences over the past two months, but he’s someone who means a lot to me. He is someone who has been so complex in my journey in this company. To share this moment with him in front of people I love, and for my hero Bryan to come and put this title around me, and for my mentor, even though he looked pretty upset, I mean he was watching too. I know that deep down, even though he didn’t show it on his face, he was proud of me. I know my mentor Chris Jericho was proud of me too. And tonight I felt so much love, and that means a lot to me. It really is.

What’s next for me, I’m hoping to get some sleep for the first time in a few months. I hope I can rest, because my mind has gone through hell. I’ve had so much turmoil in my mind over the past two weeks and past month. It was hard. It’s been hard being All Out weekend and not being on the PPV and just going to Chicago for a week and being up all night every night just sitting in your bed wondering who are you. I don’t know if any of you have ever felt this. But sitting up in bed not knowing what’s next for you, not knowing who’s on your side, not knowing who’s supporting you. And that hurts. It really hurts.

I had Chris Jericho at talent screening who told me he wouldn’t be here for the biggest game of my life, the biggest moment of my life. He told me he wouldn’t be here for that. And get Bryan Danielson out, a man I didn’t do anything for. I didn’t do anything for Bryan Danielson. And for him to put this title around my waist and shake my hand out of respect in front of the people I love. It means the world to me, and it’s a debt I can never repay. Bryan is the kind of guy I don’t think will ever expect me to repay a debt. And those of the kind of people you need in your corner.

Hopefully this wraps up the chapter in this sad boy saga in Garcia’s career. His big metamorphosis into a sports artist wore a fancy hat. Garcia must have stood in front of the mirror at home turning the Kangol off and on hundreds of times over the past month. This fashion accessory was fun for the Jericho Appreciation Society part of the story, but it gave little meat to the idea of ​​torturous inner conflict.

Garcia has only himself to blame for this dilemma by being a fanboy towards Danielson. I’m sure it was cool for him in real life. As part of this story, it makes Garcia look soft. Not only was Garcia in awe of his hero, he didn’t even consider the possibility of being used as a pawn in Danielson’s feud with Jericho.

A man who has also noticed Danielson’s questionable behavior is Yuta. He praised Garcia and addressed Danielson by dismissing him.

Wheeler Yuta: Danny, I really, really hope. I hope tonight was everything you wanted and more. I hope it was the best night of your life. And for me, there are two ways of looking at it. One way is I get my friend back. Because he was not a sports artist. He was a professional wrestler. He was the guy I wrestled with in a warehouse for 60 minutes in front of about 50 people. He was the guy who came back from a car accident that almost ended his life because he loved the sport. And Danny, I’m glad you’re back, but I also hope you know that was probably the worst night of my life.

I lost my pure Ring of Honor championship. A guy I looked up to, a mentor, someone who even inspired me to be here and now I’m here, kind of pushed me aside to shake your hand. Danny, I just want you to know that I’m not a consolation prize. I’m not here to be second best. And if you would like to return to the world of professional wrestling, we are more than welcome. Because iron sharpens iron, Danny.

This is going to make me re-evaluate a lot of things. But Garcia, it’s not the end for you and me. This is not the end of our pure championship rivalry. This is not the end of our rivalry in general. We will be doing this for years and years to come. I may have lost this battle, and that sucks. But I did not lose the war. Only time will tell.

After these two promos, I’m intrigued to see if the game is mixed with alliances.

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What do you think of the Daniel Garcia and Wheeler Yuta promos?


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