County Warren Plans Improvements For Garret D. Wall Park



County Warren Plans Improvements For Garret D. Wall Park

(WHITE TOWNSHIP, NJ – February 10, 2021) – Garret D. Wall Park, located in the heart of Belvidere across from the Warren County Courthouse, will benefit from a long-awaited improvement project that includes new sidewalks in line with American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and streetlights that match the Victorian-era neighborhood while improving safety.

Engineer Paul Sterbenz of Maser Consulting PA has presented plans for the project to the Warren County Council of Commissioners, which seeks to modernize the county’s first and only park as Warren nears its bicentennial.

“I am so proud to announce this project in our county seat. Belvidere is a historic and beautiful community and Garrett Wall Park is a key part of these attributes, ”said Director Director James R. Kern III.

The courthouse land and a four-acre “public square” in front of it were donated by Garret D. Wall, a wealthy landowner, attorney, judge and general who later served as a United States Senator from New Jersey. He said the park should “always be preserved and kept open as a public plaza, promenade, promenade for the free and uninterrupted common use of Warren County forever.”

An 1824 act of the New Jersey legislature allowed Warren to separate from Sussex County, and Belvidere was chosen as the county seat in 1825, largely due to Wall’s donation of the land for the courthouse and the park.

The Mayor of Belvidere, Joseph Kennedy, also attended the presentation and told the Commissioners: “I cannot thank you enough, this is great. The Belvidere Historic Preservation Commission and the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office have already approved the plans.

“Mayor Kennedy and I have discussed these improvements for years and we can finally make them happen. These new sidewalks and lighting in connection with the improvements to our courthouse will add to the charm of Belvidere, ”Kern noted.

“Garret Wall Park is the heart of our county seat. Many groups use it as a gathering place for county-wide events, including our veterans and law enforcement groups. It is the face that people see when they visit our capital. Making the park as beautiful as possible benefits all of Warren County, ”said Commissioner Jason J. Sarnoski.

“Warren County has the most scenic county seat in all of New Jersey. Garret Wall Park is a major aspect of Belvidere’s charm and this project will only add to its beauty, ”County Commissioner Lori Ciesla said. “People come from all over to take advantage of all that our county has to offer, and these improvements will be appreciated by many in the years to come,” she added.

County administrator Alex Lazorisak estimated the project would cost around $ 500,000 with funding from the county’s Municipal and Charitable Conservancy Trust Fund, a dedicated tax collected to fund farmland and conservation and recreation projects. historical.

Lazorisak said the project will be completed by fall with the goal of completing it before the annual Belvidere Victorian Days celebration. Additionally, the county’s public works department will rebuild the park’s interior walkways and add more picnic tables and seating.

“It’s a project I’ve always wanted to do since I was hired as the superintendent of buildings and grounds,” said Lazorisak, who was hired in 2010.


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