Companies to invest money in the long term loan

When investing our own money there are many alternatives, from the fixed term in a financial institution to the search for investment options that allow us to get money directly by choosing the type of maturity among other things. In this manner, at the same time that the investor acquires a high return (which along with financial alternatives such as Crowdlending usually ranges between seven and 8%) will be straight helping companies to have the funding they seek to obtain.

This produces the particular satisfaction of knowing that your hard earned money is being used for a certain action that he himself has selected.

One of those options we are talking about, are Crowdlending platforms, which put loan companies in contact with borrowers making it possible to associated with savings profitable.

The custom of expense in Spain

The custom of investment in Spain

We are utilized to invest money in the long term, whether fixed term tax exactly where money cannot be available till the operation ends (and furthermore obtains a very low come back: 0. 15%); or to spend money on the Stock Exchange where the volatility characteristic is had, which usually brings with it a greater danger in the financial operation.

  • Investing in a set term: Both profitability plus risk are very low, which usually does not really allow getting high profits.
  • Investing in the Stock Market: The particular profitability is directly proportional to the risk of the procedure, so the profits will depend on the kind of investor we are (conservative, reasonable or aggressive)

Companies to invest cash. New way to invest in the long run

Companies to invest money. New way to invest in the long term

Nowadays, with the brand new financial market of crowdlending, anyone has the opportunity to attain greater profitability by searching for companies in which they can spend their money and associated with savings profitable.

But where to find companies to get long-term money in 2016?

In 2016, the particular search for companies to invest cash directly, without intermediaries plus among equals, will be prolonged even further. Among these you are able to choose to invest in long-term or even short-term companies depending on the phrase of the loan that has been decided with the company. Thanks to Great Finance you can find companies to purchase the long term or the duration that will best suits your passions (since we have operations in whose term ranges from thirty days to 36 months). Therefore at all times you will find companies to take a position money in the long term.

In the Market section, investment apps in companies of different sorts are published periodically.

How much money is needed to make investments?

How much money is needed to invest?

From € fifty you can invest in the purchase options you want, selecting your self the projects to invest in various companies taking into account their success and term.

Unlike the traditional forms of expenditure that have generally been performed by banks for many years, which includes fixed terms or stock exchange investments, in the case of Crowdlending, the particular investment plus the corresponding curiosity will be recovered. month to month.

What does this indicate? Good Finance is responsible for gathering the monthly fees the fact that SME pays month to month, plus distributes them among traders who have participated in the task to be financed, thus recuperating the investment through payments composed of capital and attention.

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