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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT – If your impression of a pawnshop features bars on windows, shockingly high interest rates, and shady landlords, visit Discount Pawn. The family business has built a reputation for being the most honest, caring place to buy and sell a variety of products and get loans in town.

Items for sale at Discount Pawn, St. George, Utah September 28, 2020 | Photo courtesy of Discount Pawn, St. George News

“It’s a really fun business to get to know people,” said owner Derrik Staheli. “We can help people and see them come in and find the little treasures they are looking for. “

Discount pawn buys anything of value directly or on consignment. Customers will find lightly used electronics, musical instruments, fine jewelry, firearms, ammunition, power tools and unique collectibles, and much more. Staheli recalled a collection of Thomas Edison’s handwritten letters and Civil War-era antiques as some of the most compelling objects he has seen recently.

Staheli’s wife, Mandy, received training from the Gemological Institute of America on her path to becoming a gemologist and is able to test and grade diamonds and estimate the value of jewelry, collectibles and coins. cash.

Discount Pawn has swept through several categories in the Best of Southern Utah contest again this year, claiming gold in consignment / deposit and pawn shops as well as money in antiques / collectibles and gold shops. These distinctions follow three gold ribbons plus one silver in 2020 and four gold in 2019.

“We are very proud of our customers and the loyalty they bring to us,” said Staheli. “I have been involved with a number of businesses and have found that as they grow they lose sight of the customer service aspect and bringing that personal touch. I always try to put myself in the customer’s shoes.

Discount Pawn New Location, St. George, Utah September 30, 2020 | Photo courtesy of Discount Pawn, St. George News

While Discount Pawn is a fun place to shop and find great deals on everything from guns to gold jewelry, it’s also a resource for people looking to borrow money in a pinch. They’ve helped workers waiting for their next paycheck, single moms needing a little extra cash to get by, and entrepreneurs trying to make their paychecks until their income arrives.

Staheli recognizes that pawn shops are not suitable for all clients. However, they are ideal for anyone in need of quick cash as well as for people with poor or no credit. Unlike most lending institutions, Discount Pawn does not require a credit check for short term loans or auto title loans and instead works on collateral.

“Borrowing money is not the first thing people want to do, so we try to pay attention to everyone who walks in,” he said. “We are a family business; we’re not a business and we’re not a big chain, so we have the flexibility to look at each client and tailor a loan to their needs.

Staheli has nine years of experience in the pawn business. He and his wife partnered with his parents, Delbert and Linda, to create Discount Pawn in 2015.

Items for sale at Discount Pawn, St. George, Utah September 28, 2020 | Photo courtesy of Discount Pawn, St. George News

“We wanted to change the stigma against pawn shops,” he said. “A lot of people still think pawn shops are a little filthy and sell stolen goods. But in reality it is a great place to find some great deals and sell your junk items and get some extra cash for them.

Staheli also feels responsible for carrying a family name that is deeply rooted in the fabric of the community. He was born and raised in Southern Utah, just like his parents, and said being a true local creates a bond with clients that no other pawnshop can claim.

“We have very close roots here,” he said. “It is very important for us to treat all of our customers with the utmost respect and kindness, because they are all part of the family.

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.



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