Caldwell mayoral candidates talk about growth, housing and crime


CALDWELL, Idaho – Current Caldwell Mayor Garret Nancolas is stepping down after 24 years in office and voters will decide who replaces him at the polls.

Two current members of Caldwell City Council are on the ballot to replace Nancolas: John McGee and Jarom Wagoner.

McGee was elected to city council in 2019. He is also a former state senator.

He resigned in 2012 amid allegations of sexual harassment and after a drunk driving arrest in 2011, but McGee says the people of Caldwell are ready to move forward.

“These are things that happened ten years ago and we are grateful that this community has supported us, you know, they voted in overwhelming numbers in the last election, so we move Caldwell forward.”

McGee has said that growth is the main issue at Caldwell right now and he wants to make sure Caldwell is growing in the right way.

“It means making sure our transportation system stays up to date. My service as the president of transportation in the Idaho Senate will help with that,” he said.

McGee also said the city will have to keep pace with water, sewage and other infrastructure as well as transportation.

On crime, he said he would work with state lawmakers to add tools Caldwell Police can use to tackle gang activity.

Full interview with John McGee

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Another current member of the city council running for mayor is Jarom Wagoner. He is also a current representative for the State of Idaho.

Wagoner agrees that growth is the main problem at Caldwell at the moment.

“I have never seen a more opportune time for the Mayor of Caldwell to be a planner, to understand growth, to understand that you know how important it is to plan for growth so that we don’t have problems. traffic or things like that. “

Wagoner refers to his land use and transportation planning background in Canyon County, with the Ada County Road District (ACHD) and with the Town of Caldwell.

“Residents here are worried about transportation, traffic issues, other negative aspects of growing up. They want to make sure we keep the Caldwell vibe and environment going, I mean Caldwell is a great little community, ”he said.

He said growth is a good thing, but he wants to make sure Caldwell sees sustainable growth.

Regarding housing, Wagoner said it was important to work with the community to find the best way to resolve the issue.

“I think a big part of it is including the partners that we already have. The Public Housing Authority is a huge partner of the city, so involving these agencies as well. I don’t think it’s something the city does. can resolve by itself, “he said.

On crime, Wagoner said police retention is a goal he will work towards.

“We currently have a big system of escaping police where they come from, we train them and they leave us for other cities,” he said.

He wants to explain why the police are leaving by increasing wages to be more competitive with other neighboring towns.

“We’re never going to get Boise to pay his cops, but if we can close that gap and with the wonderful community that we have, I think we can start retaining these cops, which gives us more experience. on the street, ”Wagoner said.

Jerom Wagoner’s full interview

Nicole Hyland said she was running for mayor to keep Caldwell in a family-friendly direction.

She said there were three major issues: keeping up with growth, fixing exhausted emergency services, and encouraging more of the community to come to downtown Caldwell.

To cope with the growth, she said she would take a long-term approach.

“We really need to expand it, make sure it is sustainable and not only achievable but also affordable for the people who live here,” she said.

To respond to emergency services, Hyland said the city must protect those who protect Caldwell residents.

“Our emergency services as a whole are in fact, they’re exhausted, and we actually need to make sure they’re scaled up and funded to their capacity.”

As for the community, Hyland said she wanted to add more things for children with a variety of interests and expand the senior center.

“Unfortunately, not everyone likes coming downtown too much, so I want them to be able to experience it and expand downtown,” she said.

On the crime, Hyland said she would increase the police force.

“We don’t fund the police, we have to fund the police,” she said.

Hyland also added, “I feel like I’m a little late in this game. Not many people know my son was hit and killed on August 27, 2021. I applied on August 26, on the 27th when the accident happened so we I have always been dealing with this but I have always told my kids that when life gets tough you don’t give up and I know I had to pay off the campaign. ”

As our media partners from Idaho Statesman reported, a child was hit by a car while riding a scooter in Caldwell.

Full interview with Nicole Hyland

Chris Trakel was born and raised in Treasure Valley, retired from the Marine Corps. in 2016 and returned to Caldwell.

He ran for Caldwell City Council in 2019 but lost to Jerom Wagoner.

Now running for mayor, Trakel said property taxes and growth are the main issues in Caldwell, “Once this urban renewal expires, our property taxes will naturally come down and that should make us very competitive with our sister cities to attract. new business, new homes and it gives us a form of natural growth. “

He said people he spoke to feared Caldwell would grow too quickly and exceed the city’s capacity to maintain infrastructure and public safety.

To address housing, Trakel said he didn’t think the government should be involved in regulating house prices, but said local government had influence in the market through zoning. Its goal, he said, is to keep residential areas as they are today so residents don’t have to worry about their neighborhood becoming high density housing.

“The only way to really fix it is to get the government to come in and say, ‘you can only sell your house for x amount of money’, and do you want the government to cap the price of your house that you? have invested? ”

On crime, he said the Caldwell Police Department has done a good job of reducing the crime rate, but there has been a slight increase recently. He said this amounts to sustainable growth and he would advocate allowing the police service to catch up with the growth Caldwell has experienced.

Trakel also said that if elected he would hold monthly meetings with city council to listen to Caldwell residents.

Chris Trakel’s Full Interview

Jorge Arancivia is also a candidate for mayor. He did not accept an interview with Idaho News 6, but in an email said, “I can consistently string more than one sentence. I can do basic math in my head. I don’t have to. no member of my family who gets along with foreign countries to launder money on my behalf.


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