Bourbon County celebrates Garrett Morgan


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) — Garret Augustus Morgan was born in Paris, Kentucky, in 1877.

He was a fantastic black inventor, and the community shared his legacy on Saturday, March 5 by celebrating his birthday.

“Paris and Bourbon have involved their elementary schools, colleges and high schools and create traffic lights, draw images. We created a mural there in the area of ​​town where he was born and raised,” said Bourbon County NAACP Secretary Nadia Hutsell and Bourbon County NAACP President Terry Dumphord. Bourbon).

Garrett Morgan has three main accomplishments, including the creation of the red light, a hair straightener, and the gas mask. Even Morgan’s granddaughter was present.

“He was an innovator in public safety and created a number of things that are still really influential in the world, and for that we are very happy and proud,” Sandra Morgan said.

Mogan came to town from Ohio, where Garrett Morgan has lived most of his life. While he passed away when she was young, Sandra recalls memories of her grandfather through her father.

“I was able to learn a lot about my grandfather, and the ending absorbed a lot of interesting stories about him,” Morgan said.

The mayor even came to talk about the importance of the event for the community.

“Me personally, I think it will help race relations because we’ve always had a connection here anyway, but with everything going on in the world today, I think I’m happy to live in Paris, in Kentucky, said John Plummer, mayor of Paris.

This was the second celebration the community held for Garrett Morgan, and the community hopes that next year the celebration will be even bigger and better.

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