Best Haunted Attractions in Pennsylvania


PHILADELPHIA CREAM For a spooky night out, try visiting some of Pennsylvania’s best haunted attractions. These include haunted places in Philadelphia, Gettysburg, and Scranton. Whether you’re afraid of heights, dark labyrinths, or ghosts, these haunted houses are sure to scare you.

Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia

Located just outside of Philadelphia, the Eastern State Penitentiary is an abandoned prison with haunted houses, historical tours, and immersive tours. The ten-acre haunted attraction also includes a themed bar and live entertainment. Its characters are mysterious and the experiences will certainly be chilling. While you’re here, be sure to check out the “Voices of Eastern State” audio tour. Narrated by Steve Buscemi, this tour explores the past lives and deaths of Eastern State prisoners. The 35-minute audio route also includes voices from former wardens and guards. The tour also includes interactive exhibits and artist installations. The haunted attraction is open year-round, including Halloween nights.

Farnsworth House Inn in Gettysburg

If you are looking for a unique haunted house in Pennsylvania, you must visit the Farnsworth House Inn in Gettysburg. This historic site is a hotspot for tourists. There are said to be 16 different entities that roam the property. The Shultz family bought the inn in 1972 and the ghost stories began. This historic building was a hospital and shelter for Confederate snipers during the Battle of Gettysburg. It is said to be haunted by the lost spirits of those who died in battle. The hostel also offers ghost hunts and battle site tours. Ghost tours in this historic building can be an exciting experience. The tour begins with a visit to the attic, where you will hear stories from the past. Additionally, you will be able to see the window where a fatal shot was fired. The shot was aimed at Jennie Wade, the only civilian to die in the battle.

Reaper’s Revenge in Scranton

Reaper’s Revenge in the town of Scranton, Pennsylvania is a haunted attraction that’s a perfect Halloween destination. It’s a two hour and 90 minute experience full of terror. The show kicked off last Friday and will run until October 31. The Haunted Attraction is four attractions in one: a haunted wagon ride, a pitch-black interior tour, and a zombie maze. Reaper’s Revenge offers a variety of scares for all ages and experience levels. Reaper’s Revenge in Pennsylvania has been voted one of the most haunted attractions in the United States. This multi-level attraction combines four different lairs in one, covering all fear categories. The attraction has four haunts, but a new addition in 2021 will bring even more scares.

Hundred Acre Mansion in Bethel Park

The Hundred Acres Manor Haunted House is a haunted house located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The haunted attraction opened in 2003. It replaced Phantoms in the Park and is located in a historic building that once housed a community hall and swimming pool. Guests have the chance to explore five distinct themed sections. One section is set at the turn of the century and features giant tombs and grotesque monsters. Another section, Breach 2.0, takes place in a space research facility and features bizarre creatures. The Hundred Acres Manor haunted house is the largest in Pittsburgh, spanning over a mile of property. The average transit time is around one hour. It is not recommended for children under the age of thirteen due to the intense nature of some scenes. Families with children are encouraged to come with an adult. The haunted attraction includes a coffin burial tower, escape rooms, a beer bar, and a photo booth.

Hotel Bethlehem in Bethlehem

The Bethlehem Hotel is a historic hotel haunted by paranormal investigators. It is located at 437 Main Street in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The hotel was built in 1921 on land that once housed “The Golden Eagle” hotel and the grounds of the famous Moravian log house. The Bethlehem Hotel has at least four reported ghosts. The Bethlehem Hotel is one of Pennsylvania’s most haunted attractions. It is a member of Historic Hotels of America and the National Register of Historic Places and has a rich history. The hotel has 125 rooms and is located in the center of the historic district. It is located approximately two hours drive from Gettysburg. The Hotel Bethlehem adorns itself during the holiday season with festive Christmas decorations. Elves hang from the chandeliers, stuffed animals hide in the trees, and owls perch on the trees in the lobby. A self-guided tour of the hotel is available in the lobby. However, the tour does not include ghost stories.

Pennhurst Asylum in Spring City

The Mortuary is a darker version of the Pennhurst Asylum. As Pennhurst focused on the odd personalities of his patients, The Morgue focused on the personal disaster. The characters are just as story-driven, but there’s a lot more violence in La Morgue. In the early 1960s, the population of Pennhurst was over three thousand people. As a result, the installation attracted media attention. In the 1970s a report was published describing horrific events. The residents suffered from various physical and mental illnesses. Some were even raped by staff members using keys or hitting them with a chained belt. Other residents suffered from severe physical degeneration, intellectual regression and behavioral regression. Pennhurst Asylum in Spring City, Pennsylvania served as a mental institution for the mentally and physically handicapped. It also housed orphans and other unfortunate victims. Some of the patients were children whose families had abandoned them.

Lincoln Mill haunted house in Philadelphia

The Lincoln Mill Haunted House is a unique haunted attraction in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It includes over 40 scary live actors, horror sets, props, animatronics and special effects. The haunted house was inspired by a historic building damaged during the devastating Hurricane Ida. The Lincoln Mill has the distinction of being Philadelphia’s first haunted house. The Lincoln Mill Haunted House is a family-friendly experience that will open every night until November 5. Tickets are sold by the hour. The haunted house offers a scavenger hunt that can be completed during the day. The haunted house was created by Brian Corcodilos and Jared Bilsak, owners of the mill and creators of the scenario. During the Great Depression, mill owners tortured and experimented on their workers. The mill was abandoned for a while, but the construction has been restored. The haunted house is recommended for people aged 12 and over. Visitors will also enjoy the trick-or-treat candy station, face painting and photo ops.

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