Berkeley Trafficking Stops Net Guns, Drugs; 3 orders


Police seized an AR-15 type rifle, methamphetamine, more than 100 rounds of rifle ammunition and other items during a traffic stop on San Pablo Avenue last week. Credit: BPD

Officers seized two guns, a large cache of ammunition and narcotics during traffic stops in West Berkeley last week, authorities report.

Berkeley Police have confiscated more than 80 firearms in arrests and investigations this year, according to recent data from the department.

Just before 11 p.m. on Thursday, police arrested a driver on San Pablo Avenue near 67th Street due to a dangerous turn and an expired registration, BPD said.

During the stop, officers saw drug paraphernalia in the passenger seat of the 2010 Nissan Pathfinder. The driver, identified as Garret Johnson, 33, of Napa, told police he had a gun AR-15 in the trunk, according to BPD.

Garret Johnson. Credit: BPD

Officers searched the vehicle and found an AR-15 type rifle, methamphetamine, over 100 rifle cartridges, handgun ammunition, a handgun magazine, and a glass pipe used to smoke smoke. methamphetamine, BPD said.

Police said the rifle was not registered in Johnson’s name, who is prohibited from owning firearms due to his criminal background.

Police arrested Johnson on suspicion of possessing an assault weapon, carrying an assault weapon and being a felon in possession of a firearm as well as several ammunition and narcotics violations, a declared BPD.

Johnson was held in Santa Rita Prison in Dublin but had not been in custody as of this week. No charges have been laid in this case; the district attorney‘s office typically takes weeks or months to make charging decisions when a person is no longer in custody.

The day before Johnson’s arrest, police arrested a driver on Curtis Street and Hearst Avenue in northwest Berkeley at 12:50 a.m. on suspicion of exceeding the speed limit, according to BPD. Police said the vehicle, a 2014 Nissan Altima, also did not have license plates.

Steve Guy. Credit: BPD

When the police spoke to the driver, BPD said, he gave them a foreign ID card belonging to someone else. BPD arrested the driver, who was ultimately identified as Steve Guy, 37, and determined he had an out-of-state warrant related to “escaping from community custody”.

“Officers conducted an inventory search of the vehicle before towing it for having expired registration for more than six months,” BPD said in a prepared statement. “During a search of the vehicle, officers found a loaded firearm, ammunition, narcotics, controlled substances and drug accessories.”

Courtney Myer. Credit: BPD

BPD said Guy’s passenger Courtney Myer, 39, gave police a driver’s license “which was also found to be false.” When police identified her, they found a warrant related to gun charges and arrested her on suspicion of carrying a concealed firearm, carrying an unregistered loaded firearm , being a criminal in possession of a firearm and possession of controlled substances while armed with a loaded firearm, in addition to other violations.

Myer was taken to Santa Rita prison. The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office on Thursday charged her with carrying a concealed firearm in a vehicle and possessing a controlled substance with a firearm, both of which are felonies, records show online courts.

Police seized a loaded gun, drug paraphernalia and other items during a traffic stop on Hearst Avenue and Curtis Street last week. Credit: BPD

Myer is scheduled for a preliminary hearing at the Wiley Manuel courthouse in Oakland on November 9, according to jail records online. She remained in custody on Monday on $ 75,500 bail.

Police arrested Guy on suspicion of similar offenses: being a criminal in possession of a firearm, carrying a concealed firearm, carrying a loaded and unregistered firearm, possession of controlled substances while armed with a loaded firearm and false identification, BPD said. On Monday, he remained in detention under the fugitive warrant.

Guy’s next court date was not indicated at the time of publication and he did not appear to be eligible for bail due to the warrant. No charges appear to have been laid.


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