AEW’s Thunder Rosa on Mexican Pride, Uvalde, Women’s Wrestling, and the ‘Forbidden Door’


It was an emotional scene when Thunder Rosa finally won the All Elite Wrestling Women’s Championship. The fan favorite defeated her nemesis Britt Baker in dramatic fashion. A bloody steel-cage main event during dynamite“St. Patrick’s Day Slam” in front of Rosa’s faithful in San Antonio, Texas. A year prior, she had come up short against Baker in their historic “Lights Out” match.

Since winning the gold medal, Rosa has defended herself successfully against Nyla Rosa, Serena Deeb and Marina Shafir. The forecast then calls for a great challenge to the Forbidden Door pay-per-view against the formidable Toni Storm. A star who left WWE in hopes of a bigger opportunity to perform. Rosa talks to TV Insider about the experience at the top of the women’s division, giving back, tacos and other people walking through the “forbidden door.”

How was it to be champion?

Pink Thunder: This is a very important thing for me. To have someone like me, a wrestler from Mexico, champion of AEW, it’s huge. I was blessed as a champion. I am a representative of the company wherever I go. I take this very seriously. I am happy to have the bracelet and to be able to represent Latinos around the world in a positive way.

There’s that shot with the fan at ringside with the Mexican flag during your match. What you do clearly has an impact.

He is a fan who has come to many of my shows. He was wearing my t-shirt. Someone had taken the photo and tagged me a few days ago. It’s very special. It’s been a long time since only one competitor represented Mexico like I did. Women and men of different ages tell me when the mariachis played the day I won the championship, they felt it was for them. They cried thinking it was one of the most beautiful things they had ever seen. Representation is very important to me. It’s very powerful.

Through the world famous gold and silver pawnbroker of Star pawns fame, you auctioned off your ring of double or nothing where 100% of the proceeds benefited the families and victims of the Uvalde school shooting. How come you see the outpouring of support with $5,000 raised?

This one specifically hits home. It’s just terrible how things have been handled and that families continue to suffer because they no longer have their children. It’s heartbreaking. I enjoy helping families and raising awareness about mental health and women’s rights. It’s important because I’m not just a wrestler and an artist. Before doing all this, I was an activist. I am an activist at heart.


When it comes to women’s wrestling, there are some really passionate fans. They want to see more than what they are currently seeing. What do you think is the current state of women’s wrestling in AEW?

Our list is stacked. It’s really cool to work with people I’ve worked with at other companies who have been in the business. One of my favorite people to work with, and I see more of them these days, is Mercedes Martinez and Serena Deeb. These are the ones when I feel a certain way, I will seek advice. I think with the right tools we can do even more.

How do you feel like you’ve grown as a person inside and outside the ring while wearing the gold around your waist?

I come from very humble beginnings. So when you get something like a title and live the life I live, it’s about enjoying it. You can’t fight forever. Whatever time I have left, it’s important that I take advantage of everything, good and bad. To let people know that I’m not perfect. Every day I work to become a better person. It’s been an intriguing journey the past few months, but I can tell you I’m happy.

Not only do you have your career, but you offer a chance for young wrestlers to be seen in your own Mission Pro Wrestling promotion. In just a few years, it has certainly evolved and grown.

Mission Pro Wrestling, we take it show by show. I think we can certainly move towards a more elaborate production. I can’t really talk about what’s in the works because I don’t want to jinx it. Mission Pro is definitely to push those I know who are really talented and have the skills but haven’t had the opportunity. We invest a lot in this area, including my husband, my friends and everyone who works for Mission Pro. We do our best to create something different and better and make it profitable because, at the end of the day, it’s a business.

I love your Taco Vlog. Do you have a guest on the to-do list that you want to sit down with?

I would really like to have Tony Khan, but I know he doesn’t eat tacos! Depending on dietary restrictions, I will accommodate. I shot tequila with Lance Hoyt, so I’m not married to making tacos because you can eat anything. There are also some legends. I want to bring in other people who haven’t had a chance to share their story. I try to open it up to people who aren’t into wrestling like actresses and singers. Shakira maybe? All.

Thudner Rose 2022


You then face Toni Storm. How do you approach this match against someone who has wrestled all over the world?

Fans can expect a really cool match. We have never fought against each other before. It’s going to be very dynamic and different. We are the only women’s game on the card. We will show up and show ourselves.

Anything you can tease about your pay-per-view entry and ring attire. something you can tease?

Pay-per-view means new gear and hopefully a new helmet. You’ll see what I have in store.

Much is said about Saraya (Paige), who is about to become this hot free agent. What do you think she might be going through the “forbidden door?” »

She has so much experience. She has been wrestling since she was little. I met his mother a few years ago at an independent show. She’s a wrestler. She would bring something different to the women’s division as a wrestler or even if we needed a general manager. If it came to our door, I think everyone would benefit. If someone comes to beat me. I am open to any challenge. Anyone who wants a piece of me, you know where to find me. If not, I’ll send you my number right away.

AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling Forbidden DoorJune 26, 8/7c, Pay-Per-View


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