A man allegedly stole a woman, walked out without bail, stole again



A recent case involving a New York man who was arrested three times in just 36 hours has once again highlighted not only the controversial subject of bail reform, but also the treatment of those suffering from mental illness. And according to the New York Post, the suspect even told the NYPD that he would be released without bail because he “had no record”. The suspect’s family claim the homeless man was diagnosed with schizophrenia years ago and never received the full treatment he needed.

The post office says the suspect’s crime spree began on the evening of Nov. 21, when he allegedly stole a 12-pack of Coors Light from a local bodega. According to sources, he was quickly released with just a ticket. Shortly after, the same suspect allegedly stole a woman’s purse at the point of a knife in the subway, according to FOX. The Manhattan District Attorney‘s Office told Fox that while prosecutors wanted cash bond, a judge let him go on probation. But the next morning, police said he was back when he went to steal an iPhone from another woman on the subway.

The Post says he was ultimately sent to Bellevue Hospital for a psychiatric assessment, but still without bail. The suspect’s brother said:

“When he goes to the hospital and is interned there, sometimes for a month or two, sometimes he doesn’t get the treatment fully, and they release him. And once they release him, the problem comes back. . “

In another story closer to home, police said an Ulster County man was arrested three times in just 12 hours in March 2021. The suspect even managed to get himself arrested twice by the same man. state soldier that day. How is it going in the world?

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