A delegation from Moldova visits the Granville county landfill

A group of local government officials from Moldova at the Granville County Municipal Solid Waste Landfill on October 31. Contributing photo

OXFORD — Granville County Environmental Services Director Jason Falls welcomed a group of local government officials from Moldova to the Granville County Municipal Solid Waste Landfill on October 31.

The group traveled to learn more about solid waste management practices in the United States as part of a program sponsored by the Congressional Office for International Leadership. Officials from the State Department of Environmental Quality, Water Quality Division, welcomed the Moldovan delegation and began their first day of educational activities with visits to Granville County.

Delegates also met with North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and Department of Environmental Quality Secretary Elizabeth Biser before touring the Granville County landfill and treatment plant. Oxford Wastewater.

Falls gave the delegation a tour of the landfill and presented the progress of the construction of the new cell which will more than double the capacity of the existing landfill. Project Engineer Stephen Nichting, Solid Waste Management Consultant with Garret & Moore Inc., was there to explain the process and methods used to construct environmentally friendly solid waste disposal sites in North Carolina .

Delegates, who are all elected or appointed local government officials in Moldova, learned how groundwater is protected from contamination using landfill liners and leachate tanks and compared rules and regulations in Carolina from the North to those in Moldova.

Delegates will continue their tour of North Carolina by visiting waste disposal and utility sites in Brunswick, New Hanover, Sampson and Wake counties and engaging with officials from the League of NC Municipalities , the NC County Commissioners Association and state officials.

Falls presented delegates with copies of Lewis Bowling’s book, “Looking Back: 275 Years of Granville County History and 275th Anniversary commemorative coins.”

Delegates from Moldova included Alexandru Bujorean, Olga Luchian, Natalia Nasco, Vasile Ion Sidor, Marian Milikevich Bairac and Sergiu Andronachi. They were joined by Olesea Fortuna (delegation facilitator) and Andrei Bulzan (interpreter), as well as Michael E. Scott, Ellen Lorscheider, Jessica Montie, Tim Davis and Chris Hollinger from the state DEQ.


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