A Dark Day for the Residents of Sterling: The Community Remembers the Firefighter


The air was dark and the American flags were hoisted high Thursday morning in sterling.

Family, friends and residents of Sterling have shown their support for Fire Lieutenant Garrett Ramos.

Lt. Ramos’ funeral was held at the Westwood Sports Complex, followed by a memorial service held at the main Sterling Fire Station.

Hundreds of people were present – including other firefighters, police officers, veterans and numerous spectators – offering their support and condolences to the Ramos family.

Lieutenant Ramos was a native of Sterling and well known in the town.

Many participants were in mourning, including Sgt. Ryan Potthoff, who said he has known Lt. Ramos for many years.

“I’ve known Garrett and his family my whole life, since we were just little kids. He was a great guy, ”said Sgt. Potoff. “I mean, always a smile on her face, always ready to help with whatever you need; always very genuine and very kind, inquiring about the family. He was just a great guy.

Ramos has often been seen playing in a neighborhood park with his two children.

“The family expressed their gratitude for the service,” Sgt. Potoff. “The only support from the community over the past two days has been tremendous. “

Hundreds of people were present to show their respect.

Lieutenant Ramos was the first line of duty death in the history of the Sterling Fire Department.

He had been with the ministry since October 2012.

He leaves behind his wife and two young children.

A family friend has created a GoFundMe for the Ramos family that you can donate to or learn more about here.


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