A CELEBRATION OF UNITY begins December 26


The Robey Theater Company presents a new play, Kwanzaa: A Celebration of Unity, to coincide with the Seven Day Kwanzaa Winter Festival Celebration, from December 26, 2021 to January 1, 2022.

Kwanzaa is a festival of African American culture, inspired by African harvest festivals and created by Dr. Maulana Karenga, president of Africa Studies at Cal State Long Beach.

In the play Kwanzaa: A Celebration of Unity, Dr. Agu, a professor of American black studies, traveled to Ghana to rediscover his own ancestral roots. Ghana is under brutal and complete pandemic containment. Dr Agu cannot leave his hotel, let alone return to America. He is obligated to teach his students in the United States through Zoom. Dr. Agu provides his students with a more comprehensive version of American history and teaches the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa as a model for leading responsible, productive and ethical lives.

His class of American students in the United States is a diverse group. In addition to the black students, there is a young white woman, a Latinx, a Chinese-American rapper, and a white supremacist nationalist. This white supremacist will prove to be a challenge for Dr Agu and the whole class of students. However, surprises await us and this academic adventure will be an eye-opening experience for all.

Ben Guillory, Production Artistic Director and Co-Founder of The Robey Theater Company, runs a cast that includes Jermaine Alexander, JC Cadena, Christina Childress, Garret Davis, Matt Jennings, Nate Lovell, Terry “Tes” Scott-Mitchell, Mona Mohamed , Crystal Nix, Amara Phelps, Ke Shi, Kyle Sparks, William Warren, Jess Weaver and M. Guillory.

The play was commissioned and developed in conjunction with The Robey Theater Company, with Ben Guillory serving as playwright. Marie Y. Lemelle and Barbara Bullen are the playwrights.

Marie Y. Lemelle holds an MBA from the University of La Verne. Journalist, casting director, film producer and screenwriter, this is her first play. She is CEO and founder of her own companies Platinum Star Public Relations, Inc. and Platinum Star Media Group, Inc.

Barbara Bullen, a Cal State LA graduate, is the author of 49 books and 15 screenplays. She is the owner of Andersons Screenplays and Dreamworld Literature.

Producer: Ben Guillory. Associate producers: JC Cadena, Jermaine Alexander. Video production: Jermaine Alexandre. Narrator / Stage Manager: Crystal Nix. Graphic design: Jason Mimms. Musical Director: Cydney Wayne Davis.

Zoom links will be sent to members of the public who register in advance at http://therobeytheatrecompany.org/our-events

Alternatively, you can subscribe to The Robey’s YouTube channel and receive notifications regarding the room’s availability on YouTube. Register at: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheRobeyTheatreCompany.

It is FREE to view this piece. However, because The Robey is a non-profit development theater organization, a voluntary donation of $ 10 will be gratefully accepted at: http://therobeytheatrecompany.org/donate


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