3 things to watch for Browns fans in the 2022 NFL Draft

(Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire)

Andrew Berry and his team of scouts are completing preparations for the 2022 NFL Draft.

It might not be as exciting and fun as when the Cleveland Browns hosted the event.

But we still have plenty of reasons to follow the selections and the events of the day.

There could be excitement right off the bat with rumors that the Jaguars will buy the first pick.

And with 8 clubs holding multiple first-round caps, there could be plenty of reshuffles throughout the first round.

Cleveland is among the teams that could try to resume day one activities.

But rebuilding teams will try to match those in winning mode now to do big business at every turn.

Here are 3 things Cleveland Browns fans should watch out for in the 2022 NFL Draft.

1. Wide receivers dropping to 44

One of the deepest positions in the 2022 NFL Draft is wide receiver.

This led to speculation that Andrew Berry could wait to draft one until the middle rounds.

After all, Cleveland has pressing needs along the defensive line as well.

But one of the reasons Berry would pull the trigger with his 44th pick is if a day one ranked player goes down.

Sometimes the board falls the way it does because of the needs of the teams, not the quality of the players.

And many draft analysts believe Day 1 will be dominated by rushers, corners and tackles.

It’s unthinkable for either of Ohio State’s two stars, Chris Olave or Garret Wilson, to fall to 44th place.

But Berry will jump to best value when Cleveland is on the counter, and that could mean a top-10 wide receiver.

2. New AFC North quarterback?

Quarterback is definitely not one of the deep positions in this year’s draft.

Two passers — Liberty’s Malik Willis and Pittsburgh’s Kenny Pickett — typically rank among late first-round picks.

But the last “weak quarterback draft” was in 2017 when Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson joined the NFL.

And with no less than 12 teams considering signing another passer, Pickett and Willis could leave early.

One team that could be in the mix is ​​the team with a third quarterback from this 2017 draft.

Pittsburgh signed Mitch Trubisky to a 2-year contract at a price that doesn’t indicate he’s their future.

If one of the top 2 quarterbacks drops to 20th, the pick is a no-brainer for the Steelers.

But if Pickett moves past 6th place, watch Pittsburgh edge out Atlanta and Seattle in a deal with the Giants.

3. What time is too early for kickers?

Last year, Cincinnati drafted Evan McPherson in the 5th round of the NFL Draft.

McPherson’s impact on the Bengals’ 2021 playoff season cannot be denied.

But there were those who didn’t care to use a pick so early on a kicker.

It turns out Cincinnati had a good reason to pull the trigger when they did.

Someone told the team that Andrew Berry was ready to catch McPherson at 6th.

Cleveland has K Chase McLaughlin and P Corey Bojorquez signed for the 2022 season.

Both had moments last year, but neither is the pattern of consistency an analytical coach would want.

Will McPherson’s success prompt the Browns (or another team) to draft a kicker in the middle rounds?


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