2022 World Oil Awards finalists revealed


world oil management congratulates finalists on their 2022 world oil Awards, which have been carefully selected from a record number of nominations.

The world oil The judging team selected the finalists for each of the 18 categories from a pool of 303 nominations. The winners will be announced during the 2022 edition world oil Awards ceremony Oct. 13 at the Houstonian in Houston, Texas.

“The world oil The awards are the primary annual venue for recognizing the best upstream technological innovations and achievements,” said world oil Editor Kurt Abraham.

The finalists are as follows, in no particular order:

Best Completion Technology Award

  • 3M™ Ceramic Sand Screen – 3M
  • inVision™ – Smart wellhead systems
  • OptaSense Multiwell DAS strain monitor – OptaSense
  • PetroGuard® Armor Sand Control Screen – Halliburton
  • SPM™ Simplified Fracturing Iron System – SPM Oil and Gas
  • TITAN® Direct Drive Turbine Technology – BJ Energy Solutions

Best Data and Application Management Solution Award

  • Advanced flow analysis – Fossilytics Engineering Solutions
  • Collaborative engineering environment – SBM Offshore
  • eWATCH-Sustainable Operations Cockpit digital platform: CO in real time2 Tracking the Footprint of Oilfield Chemical Operations – Clariant
  • Fluid Intelligence – new park
  • PaleoScan, VDS and FAST, the OSDU data platform on AWS – Amazon Web Services, Bluware and Eliis
  • Real-Time Reservoir Fluid Identification – Equine

Best Deepwater Technology Award

  • 750 Ton J-Slot Tool – Experience
  • Shining star® Service – Halliburton
  • Fuzion™-H Wet-Mate Connector – Halliburton
  • Managed Pressure Drilling and Riser Gas Management System (“MPD” and “RGH”) – Petroleum States Industries
  • PeriScope Edge multi-layer mapping service while drilling – Schlumberger

Best Digital Transformation Award

  • Akselos digital twin – Akselos
  • Autonomous Directional Drilling – Schlumberger
  • AWS and IBM Collaboration for OSDUTM Data Platform – Amazon Web Services and IBM
  • SAOO Intelligent Center of Operations and Production Excellence (iSCOPE) – Saudi Arabia
  • ProductionLink™ Edge Smart Artificial Lift Automation Solution – baker hugues
  • Southeast Asia Project – Halliburton

Best Drilling Technology Award

  • GeoSphere 360* 3D Reservoir Mapping Service While Drilling – Schlumberger
  • Halliburton Cerebro Force™ In-Bit Sensing – Halliburton
  • Magnus™ Rotating Steerable System – Weatherford
  • Merlin™ 15K HPHT Riser System – Petroleum States Industries
  • SAGE – Expert in Geomechanics Saudi Aramco – Saudi Arabia

Best EOR Technology Award

  • ELEVATE™ CO2 Soluble foaming surfactant for improved tank compliance – Conoco Phillips, Dow and Maverick Natural Resources
  • Leistritz Plunger Assisted Multi-Phase Pump (PAMP) – Leistritz advanced technologies
  • Metal-adjustable water injection – Repsol Sinopec Brazil
  • PermaFLO™ Solid Inhibitor Particles – baker hugues
  • WaterWeb®Halliburton

Best Exploration Technology Award

  • Airborne Micro-TEM and Deep Physics Learning: A Solution for Near-Surface Seismic Corrections in Sand-Covered Areas – Saudi Arabia
  • Automated geopiloting – Helmerich and Payne
  • Decision space® 365 Seismic Processing Essentials – Halliburton landmark
  • Land seismic acquisition by swarm of drones – Saudi Arabia
  • PureFlex Surface Fluid Logging Service While Drilling – Schlumberger

Best Oilfield Fluids and Chemicals Awards

  • DELTA-TEQ™XT – baker hugues
  • BaraHib™ Gold ─ Traceable Inhibitor System – halliburton baroid
  • Combined Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor and H2S recuperator, HYDT16919A – ChampionX
  • Downhole Scale Mitigation Program – Clariant and Saudi Aramco
  • Nviros™ – new park
  • Effective and low-risk sandstone stimulation solution OneSTEP EF – Chevron and Schlumberger

Best Outreach Program

  • Artificial Intelligence Energy Camp – Consumer Energy Education Foundation
    Oklahoma Energy Resources Board

Best Production Technology Award

  • ADAPT technology – Clariant Oil Services
  • E-Mission™ – TechnipFMC
  • HIGH RISE™ Series Pumps – ChampionX
  • Hydro-helical® – ESP Summit®A Halliburton service
  • QuickSet™ Gas Compression Control Skid – Liftrock LLC
  • Sandstone bypass with circuit breaker D – baker hugues

Best Water Management Technology Award

  • A sustainable produced water management technology for the circular water economy – Saudi Arabia
  • FloBoost™ SWD Injectivity Aid – Locus Bio-Energy Solutions
  • Predictive analysis Water optimization process – Universal Pressure Pump, Inc.
  • Recover clean water for reuse from high salinity oilfield produced water using Bechtel’s Low Energy Ejector Desalination System (LEEDS) – Bechtel and Aramco Americas

Best Well Integrity Technology Award

  • EC monitor – Improved and transoceanic drilling
  • Intelligent safety valve – Tendeka
  • IR 4.0 Well Tube Safety Programs – Saudi Arabia
  • Obex™ Family of Casing Ring Packers – Halliburton
  • Wellbarrier Well Integrity Life Cycle Solution – Schlumberger
  • Wellhead Load Relief System – Oceane

Best Well Intervention Award

  • Extreme Intelligent Autonomous Digital Intervention – Schlumberger
  • Kinetic Blow Plug (K-BOS) – Kinetic Energy and Saudi Aramco
  • SafeGrip®Halliburton
  • Ultra-compact hot tap unit – Cudd Well Control
  • WellRobot/TTILT – Ouronova, Repsol Sinopec Brasil and PUC-Rio
  • Whipstock X-treme™ WindowMaster™ System – Baker Hughes

Offshore Health, Safety, Environment/Sustainable Development Trophy

  • Cost-effective recirculation of aging offshore pipelines to promote marine biodiversity by creating artificial coral reefs – Saudi Arabia
  • AberGreen: An excellent example of a net-zero carbon oilfield production chemical manufacturing facility for offshore services – Clariant
  • Automated AI-Driven Safety Observation Program – FENANNE
  • BlueWind: the next generation of the offshore microgrid – Siemens Energy
  • Centri-FI Consolidated Control Console – Experience
  • Video intelligence powered by Agora – Schlumberger

Onshore Health, Safety, Environment/Sustainable Development Award

  • Autonomous operations – Automaton Wood
  • Cat® Carbon Reduction Solutions for Oil & Gas – caterpillar
  • Engine management – Helmerich and Payne
  • Smart Power Management – Schlumberger
  • H not based on triazine2Scavenger S – Clariant Company
  • Natural gas-fired VortexPrime direct-drive turbine technology – Catalyst Energy Services

Innovative Thinker Award (Individual)

  • Amit Katiyar – Dow Inc.
  • Dr. Hui-Hai Liu – Aramco Americas
  • Joe Etheridge– Encino Environmental Services
  • Rocco Di Foggio – baker hugues
  • Tao Yang- Equine

Life Achievement Award

  • Bobby Chapman– Catalyst Energy Services
  • Chris Wright– freedom of energy
  • Galen Cobb – Halliburton (retired)
  • Garret “Hank” Danos- Denmark
  • Harold Hamm– Continental Resources
  • Lonnie Helms- Halliburton

New Horizons Idea Award

  • Injection Water Chemistry Engineering for Sustainable Enhanced Oil Recovery – Saudi Arabia
  • Platform Technology Enabled for Sustained-Release Nanoparticles – ChampionX
  • Galea™ – Autonomous well intervention system – Experience
  • INNOVATION FACTORS – Schlumberger
  • i-Trak™ Automated Tank Navigation Service – baker hugues
  • Permedia® CO2 Toolbox: reducing the risks associated with long-term carbon storage thanks to precise dynamic analysis of injected CO fluxes2Halliburton landmark

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