2022 Voter’s Guide: Michael Garrett, North Carolina Senate Candidate, Democrat



Michael Garrett


Candidates for North Carolina Senate District 27

Republican Richard Sessoms is running against incumbent Democrat Michael Garrett. District 27 covers Guilford County. Get to know the candidates with our NC 2022 voter guide.

Last name: Michael Garrett

Political party: Democrat

Age as of November 8, 2022: 38

Campaign website: garrettfornc.com

Occupation: Marketing business owner/operator

Education: BS Business Administration from UNCG

Have you ever been a candidate in an election? Yes, I ran for the NC Senate in 2016, 2018 and 2020.

Please list the highlights of your civic engagement: I am currently a member of the North Carolina State Health Coordinating Council (SHCC). Previously, I served as Chair of the UNCG Alumni Council, a member of the United Way of Greater Greensboro Educational Impact Council, and have been actively involved in various causes and organizations in Guilford County.

What three issues do you consider most important to your district and what will you do to address them?

Priority One: Expand Medicaid, Now. This would be a huge win for our health as well as our economy. We must fully fund our public schools, so that every child receives a world-class education. Finally, we must continue to invest in our local economy so families can thrive and want to stay in Guilford County.

At a time of rising costs, the state government has a surplus. How should it be used?

Over the past decade, the NC General Assembly has repeatedly passed budgets that grossly underfund our public school systems. This includes failure to enact adequate salary increases for teachers and staff, failure to pay the costs of maintaining our school infrastructure, and spending per student well below the national average. Our state has a huge revenue surplus and now is the perfect time to make up for past mistakes by investing in our public education system.

Will you vote for Medicaid expansion in North Carolina?


What got the legislature right, and what got it wrong, about public education in North Carolina?

The current legislative majority has been more wrong than right in recent years when it comes to our public schools. The chronic underfunding can be seen in the haemorrhaging of teachers and how outdated much of North Carolina’s school infrastructure has become. Ultimately, our children pay the price for these decisions.

Should North Carolina change its abortion laws? How?

There should be no restrictions on abortion.

Please add anything voters should know about your position on the legality or availability of abortion in North Carolina.

I am in favor of a return to the situation as it was before the Supreme Court of the United States decided to overturn half a century of precedent to deprive women of the freedom to make decisions about their bodies. Now doctors must consult teams of lawyers before providing emergency care. The past few months have made it clear that the difficult and complex decision to end a pregnancy should be left to the woman and her doctor. The Dobbs ruling leaves women less safe and less free than they were a year ago.

Should medical marijuana be legalized in North Carolina?


What, if anything, should the legislature do to shape agendas dealing with issues of race, sexuality, and gender?

I have much more faith in the decisions made by professional educators about curriculum than those made by a room full of politicians. As the saying goes, “Those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it”. I believe that children should be taught to relate to our country’s history as well as to embrace those who are different from themselves. Politicians who meddle in lesson plans are bound to backfire on all of us.

Do you accept the results of the 2020 presidential election?



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