20 Best Cinemas in the Hudson Valley According to Google


Will movie theaters survive? This has been a question on many people’s minds since before the pandemic started. Ever since streaming movies became so accessible, people started curling up on their couches rather than going out to the movies. Once the pandemic hit, the demand for online streaming grew exponentially. Concerns over the virus are still prompting many to re-enter a cinema, while others are conditioned to watch their movies only from home.

Most Anticipated Movies of 2022

Then, we have; However, Spider-Man: No Coming Home. Right now, Spider Man currently sits just under the $2 billion mark at the worldwide box office. This film alone showed that people are always ready to go to the theater. Tom Holland continues to dominate with $226.4 million for Unexplored, which hasn’t even been released in China yet. The rest of the year is going to be big too. Later this week, the highly anticipated The Batman hits the theaters with many believers who will attract large crowds. sony Morbius just released their latest trailer, and Dr Strange: Multiverse of Madness is about to blow down the doors to the Marvel Expanded Universe! Other highly anticipated films include Avatar 2, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Thor: Love and Thunder, Jurassic World: Dominion, Top Gun: Maverick, and mission impossible 7.

What do the most anticipated films of 2022 have in common?

Do you see a trend with any of these films? First of all, a lot of them are based on superheroes, be it DC or Marvel. Second, they are sequels, reboots, or sequels to rebooted series. None of these are new in any way, rather they continue with intellectual property that has proven successful time and time again. Finally they are events. Take No coming home, for example. This movie wasn’t just the end of a trilogy, but it was the culmination of 20 years of nostalgia bringing characters and story threads from beloved incarnations over the years. Multiverse of Madness is supposed to go beyond the crossings that Spider Man. jurassic world is looking to bring back much of the original cast from the original series while still Top Gun: Maverick takes us back into the life of one of Tom Cruise’s most beloved characters.

How will this affect cinema?

Again, will movie theaters survive? I think a lot will depend on how this year goes. Obviously, there are a number of event films it will attract people, but maybe that’s how we plan to go to the theater in the near future. Movie theaters may end up being strictly those massive movies that serve giant fandoms while smaller movies will be relegated to streaming, with a few exceptions. That might not be a bad thing for little guys either. Once the original low-budget indie scripts were getting lost behind the big-budget behemoths, they can now find new life with streaming as they have better potential to reach their niche audiences and could scale in that direction. As for the drive-ins, I attended screenings pretty much every week throughout 2020 and 2021. They played a lot of the latest releases, but they also played a lot of the classics. The numbers weren’t small, every week the drive-in had hordes of cars coming through their doors, whether it was a new release or an old fan favourite. The realm of cinema has changed so much and we have a lot to see in the years to come. Do I think theaters are going somewhere? No, but I think our reasons for going and how often we go will change.

Where to see the latest releases

That being said, I’m a big proponent of going to the movies. Whatever the movie, the whole journey of going to the cinema is exciting for me. It’s an amazing feeling to enjoy the movie with others, it’s an excuse to get out of the house, and it offers a better way to watch than me watching at home on my laptop. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve going to the movies with my family and friends. Below is a list of 20 notable movie theaters in the Hudson Valley, and I’m lucky to say I’ve been to 15 of those 20 places. I will make it my mission to visit the other five during this year. This list also includes drive-ins, which we will see open very soon. Four Brothers Drive-In actually opens this week with a double feature of The Batman and Unexplored.

20 Notable Movie Theaters in the Hudson Valley

After the lull caused by the pandemic, many big blockbusters are set to hit theaters in 2022, and these theaters in the Hudson Valley are ready to grab your ticket!

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25 Hudson Valley Locations Featured In Movies

The Hudson Valley or the New Hollywood? The Hudson Valley has been featured in many movies over the years, and it doesn’t stop. Recent hits like A Quiet Place (2018) to modern classic movies like The Departed (2006), The Hudson Valley has been an understated hotspot for locations. Thanks to tax incentives, beautiful locations, and the growth of independent cinema, the Hudson Valley will continue to thrive as a valuable destination for filmmakers.

So we’ve compiled a list of 25 Hudson Valley locations featured in the film. This list also includes blockbuster hits and independent films. We hope you enjoy reading and learning more about the Hudson Valley and the movies!


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